Woodrow Wilson Townhomes

Woodrow Wilson Homes was built in 1972. There are 15 existing buildings that house 100 apartments. The buildings are contemporary style two story wood frame construction, slab on grade with flat roofs. The apartments are townhome style and consist of 24 one bedrooms, 36 two bedrooms, 30 three bedrooms and 10 four bedrooms. There are two types of building designs on the site. Three of the buildings are a long linear design with a flush façade. All of the three and four bedroom apartments are located in these buildings. The remaining 12 buildings are smaller in size with a stepped façade. The one and two bedroom apartments are located in the smaller buildings.

The proposed design is a moderate rehabilitation of the existing apartments and an extensive redesign of the site and exterior of the buildings. The contemporary style of the buildings have remained but have been redesigned with modern finishes, colors and textures. The existing apartment count and type have remained the same. Five of the existing apartments have been redesigned to address handicap accessibility. There are two one bedroom handicap apartments and one of each of the remaining apartment types. In the new design one of the large linear buildings has been divided into two separate buildings. There are 16 buildings at the completion of the rehabilitation.

SIZE: 100 Apartments

  • Energy usage is estimated to be 30% below current use
  • Improved site design to address safety and accessibility
  • Designed handicap-accessible apartments




(After photos taken by Randall Perry Photography)